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A new period of energy-medicine is emerging, one that will combine the best of Eastern medicine with the best of modern Western technology.

One of the most exciting and far-reaching developments in the area of modern musculoskeletal medicine is the use of microelectronics to activate the beneficial cellular growth effects of exercise without the associated trauma and mechanical stresses. The ability to stimulate these growth factors, in the absence of the cellular breakdown usually associated with physical loading, creates a new tool in the treatment of many common musculo-skeletal disorders.

Over the past decade refinements have been made to a number of electronic Energy Medicine " prescriptions" that have resulted in superior clinical outcomes, improved recovery times and reductions in historic re-injury.

During the course of treatment no ill-effects or side-effects have been reported.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is a term that describes the use of various forms of non-invasive electromagnetic fieldsto induce electrical stimuli in tissues similar to that produced naturally in response to dynamic loading during exercise.

The ability to mimic these important pro-growth stimuli have provided us with the ability to activate and modulate several important growth factors without the physical trauma usually associated with physical loading.

The concept of inducing an exercise physiological response through the use of non-invasive exogenous energy fields dates back to the 1970's when Professor Bassett of Columbia University gained FDA approval for the first inductive field (EMF) bone growth stimulation system.


We usually think of our response to exercise in terms of metabolism, increased heart rate, oxygen consumption and perspiration. While these are highly visible responses, there are actually hundreds and possibly thousands of far more subtle responses that play an important role in our overall health.

Our musculo-skeletal system is in a constant state of remodelling. Virtually all collagen based biomaterials, such as bone, tendon, ligament and cartridge have a high turnover rate. The rate of tissue breakdown or absorption should be dictated entirely by mechanical loads, but other factors such as genetic, age and hormonal factors do interfere with this.

New tissue formation rates, on the other hand, have a direct link to our exercise levels. Tiny electrical signals, known as Strain Generated Potentials (SGP's), produced by mechanical compression of GAG proteins, directly stimulate biosynthesis rates and therefore control the rates of new tissue formation.

When injury, age, pain or immobility reduce our physical activity levels, the stimulation mechanisms needed to repair an injury are reduced.

Energy Medicine simply "mimics" these stimulation signals and in doing so can promote new new tissue formation without the level of physical activity usually needed for painful or even damaging trauma pain and associated breakdown.

Evolution of Energy Medicine

1953 Yasuda & Fukada - electro-osteogenesis
1957 Yasuda & Fukada - chondrogenesis
1962 Bassett & Becker invasive bone growth stimulation
1964 inductive bone growth stimulation
1967 Bassett & Pawluk - inductive bone growth redefined
1967 formation of Electro-bio-energetics
1967 FDA approves first non-invasive Bone Growth System
1975 Various commercial and scientific bodies validate clinical results, safety and efficacy,
1990 Over 100 published clinical trials

Global Energy Medicine
Our history and technology development path

1993 codes first complex therapies using FDA approved parameters
1994 creates first Smart Card Control system
1994 creates first multi-functional Smart Card Control systems
1996 refine clinical protocols
1998 develop world first automated Sequential Therapy Protocol (STP)
1999 creation of Synthetic Exercise protocol - Energy Medicine
2000 first on-line Therapy Card generation and management system
2001 new biomimetic systems trailed clinically for the first time
2002 in vitro cell proliferation experiments in Singapore commence
2003 clinical trials of new GEM processes at Health Central, a large musculoskeletal clinic in Australia.
2004 Global Energy Medicine is formed to commercialise new technologies