Retail Energy Medicine Products
Retail Energy Medicine Products

Global Energy Medicine (GEM) is a company in the business of providing the energy medicine needs of the world’s populations through the use of personal microelectronic applications to stimulate the body’s own natural recovery and repair processes.

GEM has developed a series of energy medicine products including the “e-cell” to combine the best of Western technology with traditional Eastern medicine principles to produce a range of specific therapeutic benefits.

e-cell is a non-invasive lifestyle device intended to assist the body achieve a high level of well-being. It achieves this by utilizing extremely low frequency and low power electromagnetic fields which complement the body’s own natural recovery processes. The e-cell induces bio-electrical and bio-chemical stimulus in body cells similar to that which is created naturally during exercise or in response to dynamic loading during stress. e-cell is designed to provide pain relief, resolution of long standing conditions (chronic), rapid recovery from new injuries (acute) and improved flexibility and strength to avoid re-injury.

e-cell is intended for external use as a means of increasing recovery in cases of acute, sub-acute and chronic musculosketal disorders.

Note: Descriptions and information contained in this site is of a general non-specific nature and should be used as a guide only to assist persons in the use of e-cell and the selection of Therapy Cards they consider best suited for their personal needs. Neither Global Energy Medicine Pty Ltd, its agents, representatives, clients or resellers has any knowledge of the medical history or condition for which a person may seek to use e-cell and its associated Therapy Cards. Diagnosis of all injuries, diseases and disabilities and selection of appropriate therapy is a medical procedure for which independent professional medical advice should be sought.
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